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This section will be useful for those individuals who are looking to:

  1. Understand the SEO market and its tendencies;
  2. Contract someone to promote their website.

SEO trends

At the moment, the standard SEO, let’s call it SEO 1.0 is fading out…Old website promotion methods are not as effective anymore, while search engines are constantly improving and complicating their algorithms and warped backlinks. With that the competition in the segment is growing: currently, only officially, according to cmsmagazine there are more than 3000 registered companies. Search engines make lives of optimizers and their clients intentionally hard, because attracting new customers to Google Adwords and Yandex Direct is a huge slice of their profits.

Currently new SEO 2.0 methodology is gaining force. Their differences are illustrated in the table below:

SEO 1.0 SEO 2.0
Main focus on paid backlinks. Registering a website in every possible catalog. Links exchange. Getting organic, unpaid links by blogging or virtual communication on major websites. Article promotion.
Optimizing website to please search engines (focus on keywords heavy titles and tags, over optimized content, rewrite, etc.) *Optimizing website for end users (enhancing usability, form, content, etc.). Creating unique, useful content.
Hidden portfolio. References to the NDA. Public information about clients, completed work and deadlines.
Main goal: SEPR Main goal: increasing conversion rates, ROI, brand visibility.
The emphasis on getting into DMOZ. Registering on
Automating promotion processes. Manual promotion.
Relatively low prices. High prices.

In our practice we had cases when we had to turn down clients because they were unwilling to improve the website based on our audit results.

If you are “We created the website, won’t make any changes, promote it as is!” type of client—we are not a company for you.

Different types of SEO companies and the market of search engine promotion

Big companies benefit from the current situation, since facing all kinds of issues allows them to charge “big clients” more for projects and stay on it for a while; and charge “smaller clients” less all the while doing very little (although they do know what to do and how). Top SEO companies can feed clients with explanations for a year. Eventually the client will be gone, but there will be 20 new ones in its place.

Smaller companies that are new to the business charge less, because they simply can’t defend a hefty budget—they work to establish their image and learn while at it. Yet the chances that they will promote the website for MF and HF searches are low. They can probably be contracted for LF search promotion, but those are quite meaningless.

Another type of SEO company is a smaller company that employs people experienced not only in website promotion, but also in developing and advertising it. These companies understand what it means to increase brand visibility. We consider ourselves to be that kind of a company.

Those companies are far and few in between (we personally know only 3), they typically don’t have flashy websites, and don’t engage in everything (development, design, programming, promoting). This type of company only works on promoting websites online (not just SEO).

What we offer

We offer you to increase your brand’s visibility and user conversion rates.

We don’t keep our processes a secret, and don’t hide statistic data from our client. We don’t overwhelm you with useless reports either. You will be exposed to the process and the results. Even if we fail at something — we will let you know.

From our first meeting we will consult you on the subject of website promotion, so that in the end you can make sense of the results.

We charge for ever task except one—technical audit of your website. It is necessary to understand the chances of your website in getting to the top.

Under all these conditions we won’t give you what you WANT—we will give you what you and your business NEEDS.

If your company is ready to promote its website—simply ask us how!

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