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We work with the budgets starting with 1100 euro a monthnot moneyHungry optimizer is an inefficient optimizer. and all kinds of businesses. Before talking about the promotion of your website, we offer a FREE audit of your website to determine the feasibility of different promotion strategies and to present our recommendations on improvements, because, essentially, we promote not simply websites, but services and products of our clients.

Our main advantage is having the clients involved in the process. Our clients know what we are doing and why. We say “no” to conventional reporting and “yes” to analysis, logic and experience!
Our advantages:
  • Always having a contract
  • Extensive experience in IT field
  • Contract guarantee
  • Client training and consulting
  • Detailed reports on the process and progress
  • No gimmicks—only honesty and quality work!

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The main activities:
SEO (search engine optimization), or simply website promotion or search optimization,--is a set of actions undertaken to improve your website position in organic search results of Yandex, Google, Mail, Rambler and many others. It includes both an internal website optimization, and a set of external methods. The goal of the SEO is increasing your clients base, and consequently, increasing your sales.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing), or integrated internet marketing, is a set of actions which includes both, SEO and SEA. It is used not only to attract new customers and increase sales, but also to improve customer loyalty and to enhance brand recognition. SEM includes, in different proportions, contextual and media advertising, search engine optimization, and many more…
SEA (Search Engine Advertising), or simply internet advertising, uses such tools as Yandex Direct, Google Adwords, Begun to quickly place your ads on top pages of major search engines to add visibility to your company, its services and products.

Professional website promotion

Since we met a lot of department managers and even company directors (who, typically, are in charge of website promotion, which technically should be under marketing department) who didn’t know much on the subject — this article is dedicated to them.

Briefly, the difference between professionals and amateurs is that the former promote your products and increase sales, while the latter increase your website traffic and mindless search rankings. Here it is in greater detail:

The objectives of professional website promotion

In order to succeed you need to have a goal. Better yet, you need to understand all of your goals as a whole, so that it is clear what needs to be done, how and for what purpose. You may think it’s all just chatter. It’s not the case. Purposeless actions will only lead to waste of your budget and to inability to make sense of the results. After all, to analyze the results, one should understand the objectives that were set at the beginning.

If you are just planning your website promotion, then before looking for a contractor, let alone starting the process,--try to understand what your objectives are. First and foremost, it is important to define and set the end goal. Such objectives could include:

  • Attracting customers to increase sales of products/services
  • Increasing brand recongnition
  • Increasing customer loyalty to the brand or product

From our experience:
Such objectives as «website promotion», «we just need to get to the TOPunrealWhat a nonsense! It's foolish.», «these 50 keywords should appear in TOP results» do not have practical use in commerce. Think about your real objectives before seeking to promote your website.

Stages of goals implementation within the framework of PROFESSIONAL and UNPROFESSIONAL promotion

Let’s look at the stages of goal implementation (issues that must be resolved to achieve it), and see how amateur website promotion differs from professional services.

Standard approach:

Under a standard approach, the contractor typically would not ask you these questions:

  • Who is the main buyer of goods/services? Is it a retail buyer? Or wholesale?
  • What is a target market of the client? It could be just your city, or the whole world.
  • What is the socio demographic profile of the target audience of the client?
  • Who is more likely to buy your products — men or women? What is the age of your typical buyer?
  • How much does he/she make? What does he/she do?
  • What are your goals in website promotion?

That means that your contractor takes no interest in your business, or considers it to be unimportant for promoting your website.

This is typically followed by some optimization work, buying some backlinks, and as a result some improvement in rankings on several keywords.

Now ask yourself this: why do you need an increase in traffic at all? It is an increase in sales you need, not the traffic!

Before embarking on website promotion, you must understand what it is that you will be promoting. Here, immediately two answers come to mind: website and user searches. Both are not quite correct. It is NOT the website that needs to be promoted, but the business of the client, and its products and services. How can you be effective in promoting something, without having analyzed it first?

Professional approach:

If we focus on this aspect and try to fully describe each phase, it could make a whole book. You can familiarize yourself more with each stage on the relevant sections of the website:

In a nutshell, an effective, professional process of promoting a website implies a detailed analysis of a client’s business, its target audience, market research of the goods and services which should be promoted. It is important to evaluate the quality of the website itself, and to give recommendations on improving conversion rates. In layman’s terms, the goal of this stage is to achieve the maximum return from the website in terms of orders and phone calls. In other words, we need to keep the sales department busy)) Additionally, it is necessary to choose the right strategy of promotion, which could include:

  • link based strategy;
  • article based strategy;
  • mixed strategy;
  • behavioral strategy;
  • and others.

Guaranteed results

As a separate and very important issue we would like to discuss the subject of guaranteed results. This is a subject that worries absolutely all of our clients. It has to do with the fact that recently many services started promising guaranteed success of getting into the TOP of search results.

A question to the clients:

  • Search engines are constantly complicating and tweaking their algorithms.
  • There are around 4000 agencies in Russia that are engaged in website promotion.

How can any of them guarantee getting you on TOP of organic search results, when no one knows the algorithms of the search engines?

It is as good as a bicycle engineer’s guarantee to repair your Mercedes. He could probably attempt to do it, but no guarantees or deadline would be reasonable in this case.

From our experience
Promoting a website is an art. Optimizers all know the expression ««dancing with a tambourine»dance with bubenBesides tambourine and shaman dancing, we apply our experience.» — by analogy with dances of shamans, which cannot be reasonably explained. Website promotion is much like dancing with tambourines, although some drivers of search results have been discovered empirically and already are facts.

All of the above represents the principles and methods of increasing sales from a website by using a tool which is called “search engine optimization”, and embodies professional website promotion.

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