Integrated internet marketing

Integrated internet marketing is very flexible in terms of budgets and in terms of technology, as it allows to combine different methods of internet marketing and use them in accordance with your end goal. Usually the end goals encompass the following:

  • Attracting customers to increase sales of products/services
  • Increasing customer loyalty to the brand or product
  • Increasing brand recongnition;

There are many opportunities on internet for promotion and advertising of products:

and some other channels, depending on your business.

To get maximum results, not a single method, but a combination of methods should be used. A combination of such methods is, in fact, the strategy behind intergrated internet marketing.

The most important and most difficult step when using the integrated marketing approach is putting together the right media plan. This document describes the advertising campaign in detail; identifies all channels and their relationships; determines the frequency of ads, expected increase in group clicks and website traffic; and also tracks the budgets of contextual and media campaigns. Here you can also define your KPIs, so that the client can later measure the results. This document helps in understanding of expenses and their returns.

Integrated marketing is the most costly type of company/product promotion on the internet. The total cost of one quality advertising campaign usually adds up to several hundred thousands of rubles, and the timeline can be about one year. Yet the effectiveness of such campaigns is much higher than of using a single tool.

Our company offers to analyze your products/services to define your objectives, so that our professionals can determine whether an integrated approach is requires, or whether you could do with using just one channel of promotion.

We will put a tailored business plan together, taking into account your budget constraints, the nature of your business, charactetistics of the target customer and objectives of the project. Integrated internet marketing allows directing the efforts to the most effective and appropriate technologies.

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