Our company

SEO-SEM Company is a team of professionals with different areas of expertise in IT business. All members of our team (currently 6 people) have at least 5 years of work experience in different web companies in Moscow. We have 2 SEO optimizers, 2 technologies, a content manager and a project manager. We also contract outside web designers and programmers. Our website was launched only in 2011, although we have been in business for more than 4 years.

In the course of our work, we achieved great results not only in theoretical, but in practical applications of the science (or should we say “art”?) of website and search engine optimization. At this point we are not in business of website development, but instead, we focus on their improvement and getting to the market..

There are many monsters out there in the website promotion market and agencies that specialize in internet advertising. How are we different?
— we do not require a big office, but only enough space to hold meetings, which makes us more economical;
— we don’t strive to take on too many clients. We do not sign just any client. We only work with those companies that are prepared to get fully engaged.
If your objective is to contract us and idly wait for results
— you are probably not our kind of client;
— we don’t overload you with needless reports. Every report is purposeful and thought out.
— we are willing to admit our mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has guts to admit it.

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