Cost of website promotion services

One of the main questions when contracting a service for website promotion is the question of the cost structure. A client always wants to be able to see what he is paying for. We cant blame you for that. Such services as website promotion can be priced and structured in several different ways. A client can pay fully in advance to cover the whole scope of SEO work. In this case, however, we do not guarantee that on a certain date their website will appear on top of search results. In current environment, when search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving, it is very difficult to find a magic bullet that will lead you to successful results. That is a task that only a professional website optimizer can tackle.

Factors affecting our prices:

  • the state of your website. In 4 years we havent had a single website, that didnt need tweaking;
  • separate casewebsite is new, or it has been around but is not very successful;
  • current search results rankings;
  • Content Management System;
  • frequency and competitiveness of keywords;
  • number of keywords;
  • subject of keywords.

These are only the main factors. In reality things are a bit more complicated.
Things that clients fail to consider when paying for website promotion:

  • Changes to the algorithms of search engines;
  • The possibility of getting into a sandbox;
  • Delaying payments for any stage may lead to disruption of promotion as a whole;
  • Nominal term may simply be insufficient to achieve desired results!

In case of stage payments, when specific timeline is set with specific keywords, specific time periods and expected resultsthe results are guaranteed (this guarantee is fiction!).

However, there is always a risk that during the last stage there could be some disruption and all promotional efforts could fail. In any case, the optimizer did do his job, and wouldnt expect to reimburse the client for it. Furthermore, such payment plan allows dishonest optimizers to simply cheat customers, and without having done anything to only reimburse for the last stage.

Typically, the first month of work is allotted to getting the website ready for the promotion stage. In other words, it is dedicated to the internal website optimization. Within SEO services, the pricing for internal website optimization is usually in the same range, unless there are additional requirements. Although, even with some additional requirements, the prices rarely exceed the norm.

You should see the first results of low frequency keyword searches after 3-4 months, depending on the contract terms. For each keyword search there is a financial guarantee, i.e. optimizer gets paid for each improved keyword search result.

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