Content management

Content management is the work aimed at creating the appropriate content of your website. This work is very important, because the current trend of search engines algorithms is to ensure that website’s ranking is directly related to how fresh, interesting, unique and useful the content is.

So how can you benefit from working with us? It’s simple. We offer to monitor, on monthly basis, the development of your website and perform the following:

  • checking for uniqueness of content;
  • creating new content;
  • writing new material on relevant subjects to support ranking improvement on key searches;
  • rewriting of news and articles on a subject of choice;
  • placement of relevant text and graphics on the website;
  • formatting and correct placing of links on your website;
  • regular updating and control of your content.

Not even the most amazing website can succeed without content management. A successful website should be “alive”, interesting, and fresh. The goal of any website is attracting clients or simply visitors, but people will only return to the website if it is constantly updated. Specialists in content management are not just people who know how to write interesting texts! They also know how to convert to HTML, determine the right density of keywords on the page, know how to work with different content management systems (CMS).

If you have such expertise and you think you can do it yourself, try avoiding the typical mistakes of amature content managers:

  • Ill-concieved, dry text strewn with special terms;
  • Incorrect text optimization for the search engines, incorrect density of keywords;
  • Non-unique content. This is the biggest evil. Copying content from other websites will not bring you any results, and may even harm the owners of the websites where you “borrowed” it;
  • Text does not have the correct html conversion. Such texts will appear unreadable and “crooked”. Consequently, the user that intends to read it will simply leave the page;

Besides these “threats” you could make a wrong judgment on how the content of the website should be formed and filled out.

For example, irregular content updates will stall website promotion. Search robots will visit your resource less and less frequently, and eventually will lose their interest completely.

Often the information on the website gets old, which leads to inadequate positioning of the company among the visitors and clients of the website. For example, if you call the company to get a special deal announced on the website, but you are told that the deal is no longer available, you probably won’t come back to that store. A factor such as typography is also quite an important detail. The fonts should be chosen with regards to the overall style and feel of the website.

A professional content manager will never make these mistakes.

What and how we do in the area of content management

Content management services could be provided as a standalone service (if you already have a full-time optimizer), or in a package with other services directed at advertising and website promotion.

If you are interested in any service we offer, but you still have questions—do not hesitate to call or email us.

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