Internet advertising is an effective means to your goals!

SEO-SEM Company is a tight team of professionals that has been in internet advertising market since 2008. The goal of our business is building quality and long-term relationships with our clientsall_goodWe are certain: if we can increase your sales, we will benefit as well. while delivering successful results.

SEO-SEM Company helps its clients by integrating business processes with current methods of internet advertising. We create effective contextual and media advertising campaigns for internet, work effectively with social networks. All advertising campaigns go through analytical analysis and external audit; and qualitative performance indicatiors are analyzed as well.

Currently there is a tendency for transferring advertising business from other sources to the internet. The number of internet users is steadily growing, and consequently internet advertising becomes more effective and more appealing. Millions of websites are born every month with different objectives in mind. How can a company with a new website announce itself, and do it fast and effectively? In reality, it is pretty simple — you just need to find professionals who are experienced in internet advertising.

Internet advertising is represented by the following areas:

Contextual advertising

Where do you start if you just launched your website today? Search engine promotion takes a lot of time. Not every website is suitable for social networks promotion.

The fastest way to get noticed is contextual advertising. There are several types of contextual ads. You can place your ads on websites that are ranked by search engines, ideally choosing the resources that cover similar subject to yours. Alternatively, you can place ads on the top pages of search engines, and they will appear next to the ranked search results only when users search for your specific terms.

We create and oversee adverts on search engines.

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Banner ads

Less popular but more effective. The essence of banner advertising is placing some picture (a teaser) that attracts attention and communicates to users the gist of products or services. When clicked, it takes the user to the respective page on your website. You can also place banner ads on different platforms to increase brand or product awareness. The prices of banner ads are typically higher than contextual ads, but you have to remember that people tend to respond better to pictures than words.
Whichever kind of advertising you choose — you should have a media plan preparedmediaplanProper media plan and strategy are 80% of the success. The rest 20% are usually the same with every provider., which will demonstrate what can be expected by investing some money into advertising.

Other types of advertising

We can also offer you the following types of advertising:

These days internet advertising is aimed at increasing sales, brand awareness, customer loyalty.
We can help you reach those goals!

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